Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tallahassee, Florida

We left Panama City Beach a little later than normal yesterday.  We just slowly packed up. Then when we pulled out the brake for the trailer stopped us!  It seems the brake line got caught under the hitch (or something) and Jim had to adjust everything.  Let me tell you it was already hot and humid at 1000 in the morning!  Jim was dripping with sweat.


Our drive over to Tallahassee was lovely; we stayed on back roads avoiding I-10 until the last minute!  The pine trees were beautiful and at one point we could smell them through the closed windows and with the ac running.  There must have been a place where they were cutting them down and we just couldn’t see it.  Around 1100 we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone, first time we’ve been this far east in two years.


While setting up at Tallahassee RV Park Sonsearae arrived.  You see she only lives about 9 miles away and she had been tracking us on her phone.  Once Jim and I cooled off from setting up we piled into the car and headed out to visit Christy, Jim’s Daughter.  She and her husband have a feed store and as it happened she and Rick were there.  We wandered around and saw all the critters (chickens, goats, geese and a donkey).  Chatted for awhile, got some flea med for Boo, a t-shirt for Jim and some fresh eggs for Sonsearae and I.


We headed out from there to Earth Fare, the Healthy Supermarket (their words, not mine!) where Sonsearae treated us to dinner.  Jim had a jerk sandwich, while I chose a sweet potato salad and Szechwan green beans (which were actually sugar snap peas) and Sonsearae got a hummus wrap.  Once we’d eaten we ladies went grocery shopping while Jim enjoyed a cup of coffee.  I’m not sure how long we strolled the aisles but it was fun!  Nothing I like better than grocery shopping and to have Sonsearae by my side...well there are no words to express my joy.


Then home where Jim and I were surprised to see it was late.  Poor Boo didn’t know what to do first!  He got his snack then Jim rushed him outside to do his thing.  Back inside I had his dinner fixed but I think he was distracted by three adults petting him.  We unpacked the groceries dividing our purchases and a few minutes later Sonsearae left.  She needed to get home and get her chores done and go to bed.  She is working at the post office as I type this.


We don’t have enough southern sky to use our satellite dish so we’re using the cable and wi-fi here.  Not sure it will be a problem as I don’t think we’ll be home much!


It’s almost 0800 so I better get this posted and wake Jim.  Our mornings we need to do our chores because our afternoons will be full of activities