Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going Vegan

This is not easy for me! I figure the more folks who know I might get this accomplished. Over the years I've given up a lot of things. Salt was the first because I was tired of swollen fingers and toes. Dairy products were a snap. I miss cheese and do eat pizza with cheese when we eat out. But at home I skip it or use non-dairy cheese, there are a lot to choose from. I quit smoking, several times!

I stopped eating beef on a regular basis keeping it to a couple times a month. Giving up chicken and pork isn't a problem. At home I can fix dinner for us and fix Jim some kind of meat. But I'm having a hard time giving up seafood.

Traveling across Louisiana I had some wonderful Cajun seafood. Here in Alabama we went to the Oyster House in Gulf Shores and I had some delicious mahi mahi.

I've been reading about animal protein and why it's a good idea to give it up. For me it's about the contamination of the meat and the way it's raised with antibiotics. I just don't think we should eat it. Seafood can be just as contaminated.

I'm leaning....