Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Staying Busy

Tuesday morning Sonsearae worked and we did chores.  She worked half a day and after lunch we headed to her house where we piled into Chris’s car and headed to the Florida Historic Capitol Museum (  Very interesting!  We spent a couple hours exploring the building and learning some history too.


I had a hair appointment at 1615 so we headed back to Sonsearae’s house where we three chatted a bit, then Jim left to feed Boo while I got sheared. From there we headed to our house to get a bit to eat because the place we were having dinner has meat, meat and more meat!


Around 1730 we three headed to Montford Middle School to meet up with Christy, Jack and Callie.  Callie was playing violin in a recital and I have to admit the whole program was interesting.  All strings, first we heard the younger members do a few numbers.  Then all guitars from the next ensemble.  The then older group.  Each section performed 5-6 numbers with a final number including all of them.


Once the recital ended we headed to the Hunt Club where Christy’s husband Rick met us after closing the feed store.  We had a good time and managed to close the restaurant.  


Sonsearae had to work all day today so Jim and I spent this morning doing our chores and after lunch went shopping.  Even managed to walk in comfort at the mall.  It’s been hot here, getting into the 90’s.  After Sonsearae got home we picked her up and went to dinner at 1 Fresh Stir Fry.  Interesting restaurant, you pick your protein, starch, veggies and flavoring then they stir fry it for you.  Oh you pick the size bowl you want too, small, medium or large.


After dinner we visited with Sonsearae for a bit and headed home around 2000.  Jim has gone to bed and I’m heading there shortly...