Monday, April 4, 2016

Restful Weekend

We didn't venture out, just stayed home all weekend. We did go for an exploratory walk to find an 'observation' tower on Saturday,  but the grounds are very wet and we didn't get as far as we could because I didn't want to ruin my shoes.  We'll try another day I'm sure.

Saturday and Sunday we saw campers coming and going but the campground never did fill up.  It's good to see all the folks in tents.  A cold front and threats of rain probably kept some folks away.  

Speaking of this is cooler and we've had some sprinkles but nothing heavy.  Sunday we had the windows open all afternoon and we're enjoying a light sprinkle right now.

This Common Gallinule patrols the shoreline near our rig.  Must be his territory as we see him daily.

Home sweet home!

Sandhill Crane, we've at least four that hang around and three of them walked right through our site yesterday!

There is a small gator that I've seen early mornings in the waterway behind us.  Yesterday I saw another three footer near the canal along the road sunning himself on the bank.  I was able to get about ten feet from him before he got nervous and threatened me by opening his mouth.  About that time someone joined me and the gator slipped into the water.  Of course I didn't have a camera with me!  We can hear larger gators in various places and we've been told there are some 8-10 footers....I wonder if we'll see one before we leave?

Daily we've also seen folks paddle by in their canoes.  You can rent them here or you can bring your own.  Even saw some guys with motors attached...One guy didn't know what he was doing, couldn't figure out how to steer it by leaning.  He kept going into the banks.  Great entertainment!

All is right in our world!