Friday, February 19, 2016

Thrift Stores

Do you shop at thrift stores?  They're everywhere and serve a good purpose as they take in items that would end up in the land fills.  One (wo)mans trash is another (wo)mans treasure.

Sonsearae and I went to The Humane Society Thrift Store the other day to drop off a couple boxes.  She's packing up for her move and finding things she no longer needs.  At this store they have cats of various ages to adopt and also play with.  Sonsearae gets her cat fix while she plays with them.  Meanwhile I shop!

I do look at most everything.  Always love a bargain in the clothing section but nothing jumped out at me this time.  I went to the back to check on linens and found quite a few napkins.  As you may recall I like to use cloth napkins instead of paper and I've been on the lookout at various stores for mark downs and inexpensive because we've got some pretty stained, well used napkins to get rid of.

Well I found some and really had to restrain myself from buying all of them!  I picked what looked like the best ones suited to my taste, sat down and checked each one for stains or flaws.

What I ended up with was a set of six, brand new floral print napkins (polyester).  A set of four used (soft, cottony) and another three used (soft, cottony). These 13 napkins cost a mere $5.60

I also was talked into buying a reversible apron that was brand new and home made because it has a flamingo on it!  It only cost $4.50 so I brought it home and donated an old apron to Sonsearae.

Oh, I also found a floral standard sized pillow case that looked decent for only a dollar.

So, do you like my bargains?  What a haul for only 11 bucks!  

Do you shop at thrift stores?

We are moving right along with our travel plans.  We've taken a position at Guest Services at Bentsen Palm RV Resort in Mission, Texas for next winter.  It will be so nice as we'll see some friends we've not seen in awhile.  We're also heading to Vermont to stay and visit with Anne and Scotty this summer.  We told them mid June so we need to plan our route north

All is right in our world!