Friday, February 26, 2016

Busy, Busy Day

My day started at shortly after 0630 I had a quilt in Sonsearae's wash machine.  You see, she and Chris are in Tallahassee, they've been there the last couple of days searching for their new home.  I'm happy to say they found something and are on their way back.

Meanwhile I took advantage of her large machines to do our bedding....having a king size bed with pads and quilts takes a large machine to wash and dry said items and not having to shove quarters into it helps a whole lot!  I took the last pad out of the dryer around 1700.  The heated mattress pad required low drying temperatures and it took forever!

I also used my machines for normal laundry....back and forth, up and down....Calgon take me away....

While out and about yesterday we stopped in a bicycle shop and bought some handlebar tape to wrap around the outdoor handle by the door.  After ten years the grip was looking pretty sad and it was loose.  Sure didn't want it to fall off while I was using it and end up on the ground.  Jim re-wrapped it this morning and it looks pretty good!  He also did some outdoor chores.

I emptied a couple flower pots and planted them.  Who ever lives here next can enjoy them while they last.  To big to carry around.

Our lunch was a simple one.  Mussels with crusty bread and a Caesar salad...we both enjoyed a small glass of wine.  Sure filled us up and apparently the wine was all we needed  to check our eyelids for holes.  Jim stretched out on the bed and I took to the lounger with a magazine.  Didn't read much  :-)

Have you filed your taxes?  Jim took care of ours a few days ago.  Now I'm just waiting for the deposit to be made.  Not sure why we overpaid but it's nice getting a refund.

Because of the cooler weather we've been having oatmeal for breakfast.  Once again the temperature is supposed to dip into the 40's tonight.  I did run the furnace this morning to take the chill out of here.

We'll be moving next week.  Everything looks good for this move.  We've dried up and it will be a short drive.  It's been so long I hope I remember how to pack up!

All is right in our world