Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Slowly but surely we're getting things done

Yesterday Jim and I secured the fridge.  First Jim unpacked most of the foodstuffs and as you can see they were loaded onto counters, in the sink and frozen stuff was put in the cooler which I didn't take a picture of.  Since the refrigerator is on wheels he wanted to make sure it didn't tip over or move on it's own.

I have to admit I didn't do much during this process.  But Jim needed to access the rear to get the water line available for the ice maker.  He also put a couple 'braces' on either side so it doesn't rock through the thin walls.  And once it was slid back into it's niche he put some trim under it to keep it from falling out.

I love my new fridge!

Once the slide is in, part of the counter will brace it also...we think.  Obviously the freezer drawer won't open and I don't think the left door will either.

Once the fridge was back in place we worked together putting all the food away.  Everything had to be wiped off as condensation had built up on the glass jars.

Sonsearae has just about packed everything they own.  The movers will be here Friday to pack them out.  We leave Thursday, heading to a local campground.

During her packing she's found clothing that she no longer wants and I spent some time yesterday trying on long pants and shorts.  For the most part she wears a small top while I wear a medium....bigger boobs!  I now am the recipient of several pairs of shorts and long pants.  I've been laundering them and tucking them into places where they wont be in the way.  I won't have to buy any for a long, long time!

Today Jim washed the truck and put the bike rack on the rig.  Tidied up some and loaded some stuff in the garage.  I've been stowing some stuff (mostly clothes!).  Today I made a loaf of Scottish Oat Toasting bread from KAF.  For lunch we had a pasta salad

Jim has gotten in the habit of taking a nap daily....I wonder how he'll manage to drive during a long day of travel?  Time will tell!

All is right in our world