Saturday, March 5, 2016

Could Have been Worse...

We were grateful that the weather cooperated and stayed dry for over a week before we had to pull up stakes and leave.  It was still 'wet' in spots and Jim thought it would be ok if we could get a rolling start.  Didn't soon as the rig was off the wooden planks it bogged down and our truck could not pull it.

As you can see we sunk almost up to the axle.  Fortunately our son Chris came to the rescue!  He called over to the Prison and two guys came over to assess the situation.  One got down on his hand and knees (inmate) looking to see where a jack might be placed and they did use their truck, along with ours and chains to pull the rig out.  No go....The inmate dug all around the front tire making the hole deeper so he could put pavers under the tire.  Then this big old John Deere tractor came, they hooked it up and Bob's your uncle we were out of the back yard and onto cement!

We've had this problem before and it's a good reason to have a 4 wheel drive.  Perhaps when we win the lottery we'll buy one

Here at Port Saint Lucie (PSL) Village RV Park we found visitors!  This lizard had his tail pinched (by Me) when I lowered the steps.  I had to un-stick him, poor little guy.  I've seen him since so I guess he's doing all right, crooked tail and all.  I also discovered a big frog!  Two and a half to three inches in length he was plastered to the wall by my chair.  I like frogs but he would have died in the house so Jim captured him and set him free outside.

We only forgot a few minor things in packing up.  But Jim didn't forget how to back in and get us settled.  Time for a cold beer!

We were taking Boo for a walk when I looked up and there was Chris!  He wanted to see where we were and he was also out shopping then meeting Sonsearae for dinner.  It was a nice surprise!

Jim says this place costs too much for what they have.  Only a clubhouse and laundry facilities.  We haven't walked around the pond yet but it promises to be interesting.  We do hear some traffic noises from the highway.  I don't think it's bad but we've had relative quiet the past year out in the country. 

Not sure what the definition of a lake is them but this looks more like a pond to me.  We have seen some ospreys and our short walk yesterday scared some wildlife and we heard some odd noises.  I must take my camera to see what we can discover.  I'll bet they keep it gator free so all the snowbirds can be safe.

We were in bed and probably asleep by 2130 Thursday night.  This moving can be tiring!  We're just not used to it

Friday morning we headed back to the house to pick up some left behind items and to say goodbye.  We were going to have a last meal together before they hit the road for the long drive to Tallahassee.  By the time we arrived the packers had already left.  We all hemmed and hawed for a bit, so we said our goodbye to Chris, he needed to return the keys and Sonsearae puckered up, then so did I.  Could have been worse,  but I only needed one tissue.

New beginnings for all of us....

Jim is still working on setting us up.  Does my heart good to see him working a bit everyday outside.  I've been trying to walk more every day because Jim says we have to get in shape for Vermont.

All is right in our world!