Monday, March 21, 2016

Front Comes Through

And everyone knows when a front comes through with rain, cooler air is behind it.  Not sure we got as chilly as predicted for last night but it was 60 degrees when I got up before sunrise this morning.  I like it!

We had a lazy, do nothing Sunday.  With the clouds and bands of rain expected we didn't want to be outside.  We spent most of the day reading and in my case being bored.  Oh well, into each life some rain must fall.  We needed it but I wish we had gone somewhere else to get out of it.

This morning we have sunshine and that makes for a good start.

East side of pond looking back at campground

Limpkin, we've only seen one

fuzzy picture of a cormorant

I think these are Apple Snail shells, I saw quite a few of them along the shore and they are a favored food of the Limpkin

We both like wandering around this pond, it's about a mile walk and some is on the path and some is on a sidewalk.  All of it can be walked on grass but not all of it is level ground.  Your ankles get a workout!

Our family lost a member over the weekend and I'd like you to keep Chris in your thoughts and prayers.  His mother died and it is a difficult time for him and his children today as they say their goodbyes.

All is right in our world.