Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fun, Food Filled Weekend

Have you ever gotten tired of eating out?  Me either!  LOL

Saturday Boo had an appointment for a haircut at 1230.  Alrighty then, it takes about 30 minutes to get there so that didn't leave much time to eat and do dishes before we left.  So after dropping Boo at Petsmart we had a nice lunch at Sake Too.  I managed to bring home some leftovers.

After lunch we headed to a local campground to check it out and decided it was up to our standards if we can get a site.  We still don't know because of the holiday weekend.  All the sites were filled and we have to wait and see if someone leaves.  The main section has sites that backs up onto the swamp (it's a nature preserve).

We headed back to kill time waiting on Boo and got some Starbucks coffee and don't you know they called.  Boo looks ever so much better

Sunday I ate my leftovers for breakfast...The guys had originally planned a boat ride for us on Valentine's Day but cancelled due to the chilly temperatures.  But the four of headed to Osaka for a Hibachi lunch.  It was delicious and again we brought leftovers home.  Still need to eat those!  Afterwards we stopped at Small Cakes for cupcakes which were not needed but tasted oh so yummy.  No dinner for us but I did make popcorn!

Monday was Jim's birthday.  Sonsearae treated him (me too) to lunch at Chili's where he enjoyed some ribs and fries.  We ladies had a black bean burger.  Of course we had some Presidente Margaritas because they were only $5 in honor of Presidents Day.

Then we headed to the theater to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Quite entertaining!  We both enjoyed it.  Now I can't wait for the next one....

We stopped at Publix on the way home for a couple items.  Eggs were needed so Sonsearae could make brownies and Jim needed ice cream for said brownies

Once home she got busy and when the brownies were ready she brought them over, all nice and warm.  That was basically our dinner.  I did have a piece of toast later.

Jim got to talk to Scotty and John.  So all in all he had a good birthday

Today he has a stress test and once that's over we can relax and plan our departure.  Of course it rained all evening and into the night so we are soaked again.  Hopefully it will drain off quickly. As I type this the sun is beginning to come out