Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Victoria Texas

We left Livingston yesterday around 0930 and it was raining!  Not heavy but enough to make it messy.  for the first hour or so on the road we kept driving in and out of showers.  After that it was clear skies and mostly uneventful.  

Once we reached Houston it was another story!  We took I-610 around the west side and south and I (we) were amazed at the traffic.  In some places it was 4-6 lanes, all busy, all going in the same direction!  Jim managed to navigate it quite well and we picked up Highway 59 south and started looking for a place to stop and have lunch.  We were both hungry and needed a pit stop.

We pulled into Lazy Longhorn RV Park in Victoria Texas sometime after 1400 and set up in 90 degree heat.  Of course I was inside and Jim did all the outside stuff.  For some reason he couldn't get our satellite dish to work so we're using the free cable TV that is offered here.  They also have free WiFi but it's very slow and sometimes not worth the trouble.

Once we relaxed a bit we headed to the hot tub and soaked for awhile then I took a dip in the pool.  Jim skipped the pool.  The hot tub has a waterfall feature that he sat under while the water washed over his head and shoulders.

I offered beans and rice for dinner but Jim didn't want that, so after we showered we headed out to Taco Bell and brought home tacos for our dinner.  Then we watched NCIS and Bull.  Jim went to bed while I did computer things until 2200

This morning was routine.  Breakfast, bed, laundry and dishes.  Then we headed to the mall to do some walking and Jim bought a new Fitbit so he's a happy camper

We drove to the Riverside Park to check it out.  From what we saw it's a nice park.  We passed a campground and the zoo.  Then we drove out into a posh part of town.  Big houses and lovely, huge old oaks.

Then it was downtown to seek out the old county courthouse built in 1892.  We walked around the square and then it was off to lunch.

Our destination was back the way we came so we could have lunch at Carino's.  Italian food is always good to have.  We both enjoyed a cool, refreshing beer.  Jim had salad and a pasta dish and I have soup and sandwich.

We both laid down for a bit then headed to the hot tub and pool!  Good way to spend a hot afternoon.

Saturday morning we'll leave and head to Mission Texas our destination for this winter.

All is right in our world