Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bitter Cold!

At least for those of us who don't spend any time where winter rears it's ugly head!  After all, we can't get much further south in this country.  Maybe the extreme south of Florida is warmer.The Rio Grande Valley is supposed to be warmer this time of year

Once Jim got up I got busy making the bed, doing laundry and making a big pot of Mexican Rice Soup.  It sure smelled good while it was cooking!  I figured it was perfect for this winter day, cook once, eat all day.  Still have quite a bit left so it may make an appearance later today.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day but the temperature never even reached 50 degrees.  Jim and I walked the trash down after lunch and managed to walk a mile before heading back indoors.  We both have heavy jackets and we wore hats.  I also had gloves.  My cheeks bout froze off my face because the wind was wicked!

Watched the Texans win over the Raiders...good...We are Texans so if the Saints aren't playing.....

I managed to squeeze in another walk before dinner but it wasn't much warmer at 48 degrees.  Jim passed and let me brave the 'harsh' winter conditions on my own.  :-)

Also watched the Lions lose to the Seahawks though we didn't stay up to see the end of the game.  I'm from Detroit, Michigan so last night I was a Lion fan.

Once again Jim ignored the alarm and slept in.  He crawled out of bed around 0930....he do like his beauty sleep!

So far this morning it is warmer...relatively speaking.  At 10 am it's already 43!  But no sunshine so it makes it colder to me.  

All is right in our world.....but some sunshine would be nice

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