Monday, April 18, 2011

Coushatta Casino

We left Texas yesterday....

Around 0930 we were on the road and we drove north on Hwy 146 along the coast. Saw some pretty areas and some not so pretty. It's a shame the refineries have to take up so much shoreline.

We eventually 'found' I-10 and headed east towards Louisiana and our destination in Kinder. As we traveled we found ourselves behind a Cameo 5th Wheel.....hmm, could this be Diana and John? Fellow campers from Bentsen Palms. We got close enough to see the license plate and indeed it was! I waved as we passed them and just before we crossed into Louisiana we stopped at a rest area for lunch and they pulled in behind us. We shared some hugs and learned they were headed to Coushatta! Small world....

They continued on while we ate lunch, then we followed and arrived around 1400. We set up in no time and sat down to enjoy a cold beer. A short time later Diana and John stopped by with Rita and Jake and suggested we head to the casino for dinner. We agreed on a time and when we were ready we walked over to their place and waited for the shuttle bus to pick us up.

The casino reeks of cigarette smoke and I soon had a headache. But we had a lovely dinner at the Seven Clans buffet. After dinner we split up and I watched Jim play penny slots then we headed home.

Showers and some TV and I think we were in bed by 2200!

Today I stripped the bed and spent the day doing laundry. It's not difficult but it is time consuming. During the morning Jim and I rode our trikes around the grounds. We need to do this daily while we can!

After lunch we drove into Kinder and picked up some groceries from The Market Basket and some fuel which was $3.89 a gallon for diesel.

Back home it was back to laundry once our purchases were stowed.

Dinner was spaghetti and hot bread with a glass of wine.