Monday, April 11, 2011

By the Sea, By the Sea

By the beautiful sea!

We haven't been doing much of anything. Our daily chores don't take up much of our time. We've been reading, playing games on our puters (the ones that still work), walking with Boo (who has fleas!) and just enjoying ourselves with nothingness.

There was a light rainfall this morning and afterwards Jim went out and wiped down the truck and spot cleaned some of the rig.

Tomorrow we'll make preparations to leave on Wednesday. Need to fuel up the truck, empty the black tank...cushion dishes. Such difficult chores should keep us busy another half day or so....

For dinner last night I made a veggie soup and Jim also had a grilled cheese sandwich. Tonight I broiled some chicken for Jim and we enjoyed some charro beans and an Italian Pasta salad.

I'm still getting used to this laptop. For the most part a computer is a computer is a computer. But this one has Vista and some of it is way different from my XP. And it has all of Jim's stuff on it! I feel like I'm trespassing....