Tuesday, April 12, 2011

last day here

We slept with the windows open last night.  Lovely breeze and the temperature was falling.  Unfortunately we are creatures of habit and I sleep better when there isn’t any noise and with the exhaust fans running I had to adjust.  When the wind picked up and started rattling the lids on the fans it just annoyed me.  Jim likes it dark and with the windows open light was being let in from the street light outside the living room.  Even with the night shades down there was a glow about the place.


As I mentioned, Boo has fleas and apparently fleas don’t sleep at night, neither did Boo, bless his heart.  He spent much of the night scratching and chewing.  Since he sleeps with us that was another factor preventing a good night’s sleep.  Boo also thought he’d bark a few times in his attempt to warn and protect us.


I was up at 0345 at which time I turned off the fans.  It was 68 degrees outside and with the light breeze it was quite nice while I read and had a cup of coffee.  By 0530 I was back in bed.  Funny thing, while I was reading Boo was curled up in my lap sleeping, as soon as we went back to bed he was scratching again!


Another laid back day.  I could get used to them!  We made a run to WalMart for fuel and a few other items.  We had gathered up all our loose change and we ‘found’ $35!  Paid for our purchases with money left over.


I did a couple loads of laundry and Jim did some chores outside to ready us for travel tomorrow.  After lunch I took a nap, I was really wiped slick.  When I got up I gave Boo a bath and didn’t find any fleas or hot spots.  I hope the shampoo and rinse has soothed his skin and we can sleep better tonight. 


Tonight is NCIS night and we’ll watch Body of Evidence.