Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leaving Mission Texas

We left Mission, Texas around 1000 this morning and it was sad to see the empty sites! Next season we won't be next door to the Scotts. As we pulled out Pat and Vern pulled up behind us honking their horn....complained about us blocking the road! It was nice to say good bye to them again. They'll be leaving as soon as Vern get's the go ahead from the docs..... We stopped around 1130 for a bite to eat. We were still on highway 181 heading north. We saw very little on that road....not much in the way of sceanery or critters. A couple Cara Cara's, vultures....maybe a cow or two. Once we got on highway 385 heading east we saw quite a few Cara Cara's! But again the sceanery was uninspiring. After we got on highway 77 heading north towards Corpus Christi there was a change in the views. More little towns, fields of corn and other crops. Then the city itself. USS Lexington from the bridge in Corpus Christie Bay. We arrived in Rockport around 1400. The Beacon RV Park is typical of campgrounds that have been around for awhile. Small sites with some permanent residents. It's clean and close to Aransas Bay. We like the Fulton/Rockport area. Fulton is a small fishing community and Rockport is building on the fact that folks want homes by the water.
It was a tight squeeze but Jim managed to get us parked in our site.
The bay is right down the road....after dinner the three of us walked down and fed the seagulls at the end of the pier. It was fun watching the boats come in.

We're staying here a week and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am!