Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

Hope this April Fools Day passes without incident for you! Need to do some catching up. First, let me say, the resort is emptying quickly! We have clear views of a lot of empty sites. More will be leaving today. Second, we are ready to join them! or almost ready. Wednesday evening Jim and I attended the work campers thank you dinner held over at Retama Village in their clubhouse. It's a wee bit fancier than ours, probably has air conditioning and heating! Our dinner was started with a salad, the main course was chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll. Dessert was a yummy chocolate cake that I had two slices of! The three other couples at our table were Pat and Vern, Carol and Gordon and Jeni and Don. It was noisy but we managed to have a good time with our friends. After the dinner broke up we all gathered at Pat and Vern's and that's when the fun started! Anne and Scotty joined us as did Diana and John. Lively chats and lovely weather for the end of the day. Yesterday Jim spent a good part of the day dismantling our patio. He moved all the furniture out and took down the lights. Then the screens came off and he hosed them down. Next were the pipes that brace the awning. Ut Oh! The awning is out of whack. Hopefully we can get it straightened out and snug in it's proper position. This was all done because today the rig will be washed and waxed. Last night we had another party to attend. It was the last day of work for Jeni and Don and they hosted a bash at their place. It started at 1700 and broke up around 2130. Several of us brought food to eat and I believe everyone brought something to drink! There was a table of liquor that saw many visitors and Terry and Mark brought their margarita machine. Jeni, Gayle, Pat and Vern
Jim, the lovely Miss Anne and Scotty
Don and Terry, along with some others attendees. I think everyone had a good time welcoming Jeni and Don back into the full time RV lifestyle!