Saturday, April 9, 2011

Computer problems

tried to post from my ipad but no luck. Anyway my computer is having problems and Jim is going to work on it. Meanwhile I'm using his old one and it's different from mine and may take awhile to get used it. I may lose all my files :( Yesterday Anne and Scotty visited us from across the bay. They're staying over in Aransas at Pioneer RV resort. We had some mail for them. After a short catching up visit (we hadn't seen each other since Sunday) we headed out to Goose Island State Park. It's less than 10 miles north of here. The park has campsites, some right on the beach but I'm not sure I'd like staying there. the wind and salt spray would drive me nuts! But the sites in the oak trees would be nice. After they left Jim and I went to Moon Dog for a bite to eat. Fish tacos for me and Jim had a po-boy. This restaurant has outdoor sheltered seating and that's where we sat. Watched a few shrimp boats and the birds of course... This morning I walked over the Paws and Taws Convention Center to check out the Herb Fest. Quite nice for this area. Lots of herbs of course and it smelled wonderful! There were other plants available and books and trinkets. It was a free event and they even had raffle tickets just for signing in. This afternoon Jim and I made a run to HEB I was out of water! :) Also needed a couple other items that I couldn't find at Walmart.