Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heading East

Yesterday around 1000 we left Kinder Louisiana. The Coushatta RV resort didn't have any vacancies for the Easter Weekend and we know why. The Carnival came to town! They started setting up Tuesday and Wednesday they were open for business. No charge to enter so I'm sure a lot of families came for that reason. On Thursday the resort started filling up
Our drive to L'Acadie Inn and RV Park,, took about an hour and we were set up in no time and eating lunch. I think they have 17 sites and it's nestled between two highways in a wedge.
Diana and John arrived shortly after we did and after a run to Walmart and a quiet afternoon we headed over to the Tavern for Happy Hour. Besides the lovely bartender we were the only ones there. We chatted and had a few cold beers then walked back home for a dinner of beans and rice with corn muffins
We watch Girls Night Out and enjoyed the singing of all the talented folks on the show.

There are a few critters here, along with a pond. It's a nice place and if you're in this area stop by, the rates are reasonable. Grassy sites with gravel/rock pads

Slept fairly well last night and could have slept longer but one of these roosters decided 0600 was the time to get up.

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