Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinner Out with Friends

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with Diana And John. John drove and after a stop at Walmart we headed into rice and crawfish country. We arrived around 1700 in time to get a good table for the entertainment. We had asked around and was told the best Cajun food could be had at D I's We started with a bucket of Abita Amber and each of us enjoyed a starter of fried veggies. Quite good! We all ordered a seafood plate. The guys had mixed, Diana had crawfish and I had shrimp. During dinner we got another bucket of beer.

The live music started around 1830 and the locals all knew when to arrive for it! The place filled right up and it was family night. After listening to a few tunes we headed home. Diana had a dessert for us so we went to their rig

The rabbits were having a lay about on the warm rocks

or munching some dinner

the ducks were waddling across the field

Diana brought out some snacks for the dogs and Boo was interested, his tail was going crazy

Jake sat nicely for his treat

It was getting dark when we headed home. After showers we settled in and watched Girls Night Out. Did you watch? Carrie Underwood sang How Great Thou Art and I've never heard it done better!

Sunday we left Eunice around 1000, after stopping to say good bye to Diana and John. We'll see them in the fall when we get to the valley. Our destination was Mandeville on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain.

Our drive was a familiar one as we took highway 190 all the way into Baton Rouge. From there we worked our way onto I-12 making a stop at Camping World only to find it closed on Sundays!
Really odd to see the parking lot empty
We arrived at Fountainbleau State Park just after 1400. I know it was Easter Sunday but the line was long to get into the park. Once we arrived at the entrance center we were processed quickly as we had prepaid.

Our site is in the older section and small but we fit just fine. We're under a big oak tree so we can't use our satellite dish for tv or internet. There is free wifi here but we get kicked off frequently.

Today we went to lunch at la Madeleine and I must say my Mediterranean pasta dish was excellent! Jim had Shrimp Florentine and he cleaned up his plate so I guess he enjoyed it.

After lunch we headed across Lake Ponchartrain into Metairie. We stopped at Lakeside Mall and strolled around noting new stores since we were last here. We stopped in a few of the stores but didn't buy anything.

I was saving that for our next stop! Whole Foods Market!!!!!
This is my favorite grocery store and I looked at ninety percent of it and bought only a few groceries. But we can always go back before we leave the area

For dinner tonight we had leftovers in an attempt to clean out the fridge!
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