Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ch ch ch changes!

On Thursday there was a barn raising! At least an event that passes for one in the RV world. Anne and Scotty, along with help from a few friends removed their old, torn awning and replaced it with a new one. They also had new screens made and those were put into place to make sure the fit was good. Boo was not allowed to participate!

The new screens are darker and have a uv protective factor. We may have to upgrade!

John, two Jim's, Scotty and Anne did all the work. I took pictures! Anne is a happy camper :)

Also on Thursday we learned that Jeni and Don Wilson are no longer the general managers of our resort. Bentsen Palm RV Resort is making changes and the manager from Retama is going to manage both places. The Wilson's have already reserved their site for next season so we'll still get to spend time with our friends!

The new manager is interviewing all the work campers and change is in the air! Hopefully the changes will be good for all concerned.

Friday the Scott's hosted a happy hour to thank the helpers and to break in the new patio. Pulled pork, slaw, beans and chocolate fondue with strawberries. YUM!

Our resort is emptying out. The views are improving but each day finds another friend on the road.

On the road again..... can't wait to get on the road again