Friday, March 25, 2011

My Garden

I travel with my garden! I repotted my herbs, I like to cook with basil, parsley, oregano, chives and thyme. I would love to have more herbs but when we travel the plants sit in the shower and it can be a hassle schlepping them in and out of our rig.
Last Mother’s Day my daughter Sonsearae gave me an Orchid and so far I don’t see any bloom stalks coming out but it has put on new leaves. The cactus that Anne gave me also has new leaves. My pony tail palm is getting big! I may leave it at my daughter’s house when we visit her in Tallahassee.

The window box was planted with lettuce and in our warm spring the seeds sprouted right away. I can’t wait to pick my own lettuce!

Jim started his last shift today. For the past week or so he's been getting the rig ready to travel. Minor repairs, etc. We plan on leaving April 5th and we'll go from here to the Rockport/Fulton area for some beach time.