Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soup's On!

Since I had a fridge full of veggies I thought I'd make some soup. It smells good in here and I hope to have this for dinner tonight. I threw in some dried beans and they're taking their sweet time cooking. Also tossed in some barley but don't tell Jim, he doesn't care for it. :)
Yesterday was Jim's last work day, five on ten off is good! We also went to a party at Jeni and Don's (managers). Almost all of the work campers were there and we all brought dishes to share. Brats, Spanish rice, fiesta salad, mac and cheese, a broccoli salad,fruit and starters of cheese and crackers and nuts. Dessert was supplied by Joyce and Gail, browines and something pink (I think strawberry something or other). No one went hungry! From the sounds I'm guessing we all had a good time.
Jim is taking care of water filters and the hot water tank today. Dishes are piling up! It's almost time to pull up stakes and hit the road. About 20-25 rigs pulled out today and on my morning walk I saw a lot of empty sites.
I only walked a mile or so. I need to start moving more because I need to lose some weight, my clothes are to tight :(