Wednesday, December 1, 2010


December sure started cold! I was up at 0430, I’ve no idea why I couldn’t go back to sleep. It was 39 degrees outside and about 59 inside. Brrr! After I made my coffee I was a bit warmer. Of course the fireplace and being wrapped in a small quilt helped also. Before the sunrise it had dropped to 37

Our sunrise was pretty

After a breakfast of sausage and pancakes I looked forward to doing the dishes because my hands were so cold…

Jim headed off to work and I made the bed and got dressed. We didn't really do much this morning. Scotty came over and visited for a bit, Anne was at Zumba class.

Jim and I went out for a bit of shopping and lunch. Our first stop was Walmart, which didn't take long. Then we had lunch at Wendy's, can't remember the last time we ate there but chili sounded good and it was!

Our next stop was the Social Security office to give them copies of my DD214's. Its official, I'm old....and applying for my benefits.... :)

Our last stop was Academy Sports to pick up a few supplies for gun cleaning and target practice. We stopped and picked up our mail thanks to Anne letting us know we needed to stop. We have online notification that makes it nice. Once home we put everything away and then joined the Scott's for some coffee, beer and conversation.

It was a beautiful afternoon but once the sun started slipping down it got cooler so we ended our visit and headed home. We skipped the weekly happy hour. I showered and then Jim showered.

Dinner was tomato soup and Jim had a grilled cheese sandwich. I had some stuffing, much better than grilled cheese!

It's just now 2115 and it's 56 degrees outside. Another night sleeping under the comforter....