Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday and Sunday

Pretty quiet around here.  Most of Saturday was wet and gloomy....and chilly!  Jim decided to be 'under the weather' and was back in bed before noon.  Not sure what's going on, could be several things combined.  Food choices, new vitamins and perhaps he just doesn't like cold, damp weather.  He's also been working and his body is rebelling with sore muscles.   Of course, he's not as young as he thinks is!

So our meals weren't all that great yesterday...mostly soups and sandwiches.  Last night I wanted something that didn't include carbs so I had a bowl of radishes, celery and cauliflower.

Today?  Pretty much the same as yesterday only I think it's colder.  I know it was warmer when I got up this morning, it is now 55 at 1600.  I thought we'd have a sunny day as the sun was shining brightly....but then clouds moved in and even some rain early this afternoon.

While Jim napped I watched a James Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies with Pierce Brosnan.  I'm a big fan of the Bond movies...but not all the actors who portrayed him.  Sean Connery is my fave!  Are you a fan?

I also finished reading Artful Blogging.  I love the Somerset Studios magazines!  I wish they didn't cost so much.  I haven't renewed my subscriptions for this very reason.  I can always read them at Barnes and Nobles!  Have you checked my library page lately?  Just click on the library tab up at the top or here and you can check out the books and magazines I've been reading.  What magazines are your favorites?

As for today's meals....Jim had a smoothie for breakfast and I had soup...for lunch I had soup, Jim had a peanut butter sandwich. Not sure what we'll have for dinner...maybe a salad.

Dinner was biscuits and gravy, one of Jim's favorite dishes.  Me? not so much but it filled me up.  I must get to the store and buy some decent food!  I like salads, but not when it's wet and cold...chilly temperatures require stews, pasta dishes and soups.

This picture is from a few months ago at the Savannah Recreation Area....we very much enjoyed our stay there. Warm temperatures, gators and birds and lovely sunsets

All is right in our world