Saturday, June 11, 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes

Beautiful day yesterday, a bit on the cool side, but no jacket required.  After I finished my morning chores of bed making and dishes Jim decided to take the day off from working with Scotty and Fred and together we ran a few errands.  

Stopped in the Welcome Center and picked up some interesting magazines and brochures so we can visit some areas while we're here this summer.  Then it was over to Young Farm Equipment to pick up sunflower seeds for the feeders.

Next it was Rite Aid to check on a prescription and Shaw's for some Almond milk (I wonder, would it be easier to make it?).  On the way home I've was given two options for lunch and chose the Wheel Inn where we stuffed ourselves on some good home cookin'

Once home Jim napped while I felt like a beached whale on the lounger.  Neither one of us did much the rest of the day!

We have happy hour a few days a week and yesterday we enjoyed the company and snacks with Anne and Scotty.  Chips, guacamole and salsa, cheese and crackers, watermelon and grapes.  While at the Wheel Inn we bought Scotty a piece of peanut butter pie which was huge!  Anne made him share it with Jim and I.....of course we all had an adult beverage, beer for Jim and I, moscato wine for Anne and Scotty indulged in some yummy cream sherry

Scotty and Jim

Miss Anne, I'm sure she won't approve of this picture but the other one was awful

As you can see long sleeves and sitting in the sun was required to stay comfortable.  It was a long, leisurely repast...when the sun starts going down it gets chilly on this ridge. 

Of course I start taking pictures and all the birds scatter but at least this American Goldfinch hung around long enough for me to get this shot.  I should have used my long lens camera.

Once home we spent the evening on our computers, playing games and watching TV.  I showered and did dishes and that was the end of my work day.

Today I was up to watch a patchy sky fill with clouds and it looks like a rainy day for us.  With the cool temperatures, it's only 53 degrees right now, it will be a chilly day. I don't mind because all to soon Summer will be upon us and it will be way to hot! 

My fancy tan lines are fading!

All is right in our world