Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Goodness Me!

Have you been waiting and waiting to see if we resolved our converter problem???  Sorry I didn't report sooner.

The converter arrived Wednesday of last week and Jim installed it with no problems.  Anne and I went shopping and when we returned it was working and the house was cool....

We've been hanging around, doing this and that

Our patio has been leveled and since this photo was taken another pallet has been added to the front, right about wear Boo is standing

Our extended front yard has been the home of a gazillian fireflies.  I think I happened to see the "hatch".  In the middle of the night I happened to look out and it was like the stars had fallen into the grass.  Spectacular!

The birds and chipmunks entertain us daily

Lovely cloud formation

American Goldfinches love the niger seed!

All is right in our world