Saturday, July 2, 2016

We're still here

We've settled into the same routine we have whenever we sit still.  I have daily chores of dishes, laundry and cleaning and the days run into weeks of the same thing over and over.  Jim has days when he works to much and then takes several days to recover.  Most days he takes a nap

The chipmunks entertain us daily!  So tiny

Rose Breasted Grosbeak....there must be a half dozen pairs flitting around...the females are not this colorful

Every Thursday Fair Haven has concerts in the park.  We've gone the past three weeks and heard Jazz, 60's tribute and country.  The group above is Mellow Yellow performing the music from the 60's.  There's no charge to attend, you get a door prize ticket and sometimes there's free ice cream (Jim loves this!). 

All of these flowers are on the property.

All is right in our world