Thursday, July 7, 2016

What were you doing a year ago?

Checking back I see we were still in South Florida, staying with Sonsearae and Chris....Jim got his new iPad and we were starting a month of no spending.  Not a bad idea, perhaps we should do that now!   

Towards the middle of the month a raccoon entertained me click here to see that post.  And I made a discovery about pine cones

Summertime in south Florida is spent mostly indoors unless you're a water rat and have a boat.  Apparently cold food was on my mind as I posted a recipe for Peach Freezer Jam....still haven't made any!

Jim has been working, helping Scotty with his projects regarding the workshop and apartment.  He's still napping most days

Anne made this flag from a pallet.  She had to make a template from cardboard to paint the stars on...had it ready and all set up for the Fourth of July

She's also made some tiny doors for the fairies

And I'm pretty sure she made this gourd birdhouse that's hanging in the tree.  She's a pretty crafty lady!

These day lilies are beautiful!

All is right in our world