Sunday, July 24, 2016

Goodness Me!

We're still here...daily life goes on.  A couple things to write about...I'll catch up soon

My Pink Amaryllis is blooming again.  This bulb is worth every penny I paid for it.  Only one stalk this time with four flowers...It bloomed last April and it was gorgeous!

I've been trying to crochet more often.  Habits!  I get to playing the games and forget about everything else.  This will probably be a shawl that will go with anything because of the colors.

Had to take Boo to the vet, he was just having a difficult time and I was baffled as to what to do with him. Keeping us up all night, pacing and some scratching.  Turns out he has gotten into something that gave him a case of giardia, so now he's on several meds to clear up this intestinal problem and help him (and us) rest.

All is right in our world