Sunday, April 24, 2016


What do you picture when you think of home?  Full time RV'ers have to be 'home' based somewhere.  We are registered in Texas.  Should anyone ask that's where 'home' is.  But it isn't really.  We've spent some time there, a few winters in the Rio Grande Valley.

Some RV'ers travel and visit family, they may only travel between two or three destinations.  Some folks are snowbirds, they travel from home to escape harsh winter weather.

We travel because we like seeing this country and all the sights it has to offer!  Being former military we had homes in several locations, the last place we lived was the New Orleans area.  We've traveled to see our parents (now deceased) and our siblings.  Where we grew up used to be home....but home now is our rig and wherever we park it.

During our travels I've taken a liking to Colorado Springs, Colorado, Pensacola and the Treasure Coast of Florida.  If we had to settle down (one day) these areas feels like home to me.

We are going to miss this area of Florida.  Having been here for a year and a half we've found special places and I'm sure there are more to discover!  We had the pleasure of staying with family, our daughter and her husband.  So it was 'home' while there.

Savannas Recreation Area campground is worth returning to.  The campground is everything we like about being in nature yet being close enough to grocery stores.  It may be a bit much in the winter season when all the sites are filled.  We've enjoyed our stay here, to me it feels like home.  I'm going to miss the Cranes and the little gator.

In the morning we'll get up early so we can take the rig for the final repairs.  Once that's done we'll head to Ormond Beach just a short drive up the coast.

We're still enjoying the pink Amaryllis as it has continued to blossom, one stem had three flowers the other stem put out six blossoms

The red one had four blossoms and they're gone.

All is right in our world