Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tall Ship Peacemaker

Friday was pretty much a do nothing day.  We've both been a bit under the weather and I think I figured it out today.  Many years ago I discovered I was allergic to pine pollen.  Nothing serious, but enough for the scratchy throat and a bit of swelling around the eyes.  Well, the oaks are pollinating in this area!  Now I've been around oak trees before during all the seasons.  But perhaps at my tender age I've gotten allergic to it.

Saturday we headed into St Mary's for the farmers market.  Located downtown on the Historic Waterfront we found the beginnings of a market.  It's early in the season for the produce I saw, it looked the same as that found in the grocery stores.  So I passed.  There were a couple craft tables set up but I just walked by without buying anything.

We decided to walk around as the weather was wonderful and we found this tall ship.  I only took three pictures and that was with my phone.  I forgot to take my camera!

We boarded and got to see quite a bit of the ship above the water line.  It's beautiful and according to this, for sale.

After strolling around we headed back to the truck and drove to another city, Kingsland.  More stores and restaurants and we ended up at OPS Pizza for lunch.  I've never heard of this place but boy do they have an extensive menu.  We ate our fill along with a couple of shock top beers and left quite satiated.

Let's see, what did we do after we got home?  Jim napped, I checked my eyelids for leaks, Jim walked Boo, I made a cake, we went for a walk in the woods...TV this evening....dishes and laundry folding. Being retired is exhausting! 

All is right in our world