Friday, April 29, 2016

Eagles Hammock, Kings Bay, Georgia

Wednesday we slowly got ready to leave Ormond Beach.  Our drive to St Mary's in Georgia wasn't that far.  We took I-95 north through Jacksonville, Florida and if you can avoid it, you should.  Construction zones and torn up roads made for an unpleasant trip.  But after a stop for lunch we arrived at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base around 1330.

We've been here before, but I don't remember it being so full last time we were here.  There are 60 sites plus two cabins and almost all of them were filled.  There's been some comings and goings and we get to see most of them as we're parked right by the office (makes for great WiFi).  Cable TV is provided also

The lake has a romantic name of Lake D!  

This coach is for sale....I've no idea what it looks like inside but the outside is painted pretty

I like the looks of this travel trailer,perhaps it's the color!

This row of sites looks out onto the lake and for that they pay a little extra.  With all the trees it might be difficult to get a satellite signal

The two cabins look cozy, they also look out over the water

We more or less didn't do much of anything Wednesday after setting up.  Jim took a nap.

Thursday was bed day so I spent most of the morning doing laundry.  Speaking of laundry, there's one located in a building midway between the main campground.  It also houses the community room which is equipped with a kitchen, tables, books etc.  Air conditioned and at one end has an extra room with card table and more seating.

We've walked several times.  Not sure you can traverse the lake but there are paths that you can walk.  I have seen a boat out there so there must be a ramp somewhere.  Boo has been out a couple times but I don't think he likes the gravel roads, grass and cement are fine.

Since shopping at a commissary after payday is not my cup of tea we headed over Thursday afternoon for a few groceries.  The afternoons are getting into the 80's and the humidity isn't bad but makes it feel warmer.  Our nights are dipping into the upper 60's so the AC is getting a workout

And there you have it...exciting times in the life of Jim and Linda!

Today we've been hanging around the house...

All is right in our world