Friday, April 15, 2016

Simple Pleasures

How often during the day do you observe what you're doing?  Does it give you pleasure?

Almost every morning I sigh and enjoy the feel of a hot cloth on my face.  It feels so good...and it's such a simple act, but what a pleasure.

Backed up to this waterway I'm able to start my day with the reflections of the sky, clouds, trees and grasses in the smooth water.  Sometimes I see the small gator that patrols this section.  It's the simple things that matter

How do you use lemon oil?

Lemon essential oil not only smells good but can be used to clean with.  Diffusing it can uplift you and help cleanse the air.

Surface Spray

16 oz spray bottle
7 oz distilled white vinegar
7 oz water
20 drops tea tree oil
20 drops lavender oil
20 drops lemon oil

Mix all in the bottle and shake gently each time you use it.  Remember oil and water don't mix.

Use it to clean and disinfect all surfaces

We're expecting more thunderstorms, I wonder how many weekend plans this will interfere with?  I see some tents being set up quickly as the sky gets darker.

Jim is napping after pizza and beer for our lunch.  Earlier he and the baby gator had a close encounter.  Apparently Jim came around the back of the rig and said baby was resting at the base of the palm tree.  Both went in opposite directions!  I would have liked to seen that....

All is right in our world