Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rain Filled Weekend

The rain started Thursday in the middle of the night and when I got up we had huge puddles in the center section of the campground.  It's lower over there and one section that has sites has been closed for months because of all the rain and flooding.  It is once again under water.  It's a shame as the park must be losing money not being able to rent out those sites.  The ducks like it!


I wondered if many campers would show up for this rainy weekend.  I watched some tenters set up in the windy conditions before the next squall came through. Once set up they left....I assume they went out to dinner while it rained.

Next up was two travel trailers who pulled into the two spots next to us.  What fun!  Watching others set up can be quite entertaining.  We're not sure our immediate neighbors have done this much.  They unhitched, hitched, unhitched.....both Jim and I wanted to help!  They weren't level on the door side and had to drive up onto blocks.....then they unhitched without chocking and I thought the trailer was going to go backwards....perhaps into the canal!   Evidently the guy did too as he physically held it in place and got help from his friend while the wife backed up and they hitched up yet again...

At least it wasn't raining during the show...

Jim and managed to get a walk in Friday before the next bands of showers came through.

Saturday's forecast was more rain so after lunch we headed into Jensen Beach to walk the mall.  Funny thing it was dry most of the drive there and it didn't rain while we were out and about.  After the mall we headed to Barnes and Nobles, our go to place when it rains, except it wasn't raining!  No matter, Jim read some magazines and I looked at a couple books while we enjoyed a beverage.

Back home and don't you know...we had rain!  The intermittent showers continued during the evening.  I managed a slow stroll about the campground

Our evening was fairly dry...maybe some spitting rain.

I was awakened  during the night by a shower.  As it turned out it was time for me to get up.  The call of nature was upon me.  I really don't like getting up before the sun but this Sunday I was up before 0600.

So I fixed some coffee and enjoyed the solitude.  But the wind!  Fifteen to twenty mile an hour winds were disturbing my solitude.  Not much I could do about it, I guess I should be grateful it wasn't cold.

When the sun finally made a show it wasn't what I expected.  I wanted no clouds and bright, blue skies.  Alas, it was cloudy and overcast and I thought for sure we'd have more rain.

After breakfast and chores we went into Stuart to walk the river walk and check out the Green Market.  didn't buy anything.  No one had corn!   We passed a produce stand that was selling it six for a dollar.  We may have to go back.

Once our walk was over we headed towards home and stopped at Olive Garden for some lunch.  A gift card supported this choice and as it turned out they were doing a BOGO.  Buy one, take one  home.  We have enough food for the next few days!

One more stop at Publix for some coffee creamer and we were done with our afternoon outing.  Once home Jim napped and I relaxed on the lounger and checked my eyelids for light leaks.

It's still windy and my amaryllis are taking a beating.  According to my phone it's 68 degrees outside but it felt good while we walked Boo.  The poor dog hadn't been outside for two days!  He enjoyed marking and sniffing everything.

All is right in our world