Friday, April 1, 2016

Savannas Recreation Area

Thursday started real early for 0600 early!  While I get up at this hour on occasion Jim rarely does.  But we had an 0800 appointment to get the shocks repaired and Jim wanted to eat before we left (I packed cornbread for myself).  We had gotten all packed up the night before so after dressing and doing last minute chores we were on our way.  And we arrived a few minutes before eight.

They had said they'd get us in and out same day and we left around noon.  But let me tell you....I don't think I've ever had to sit in such a filthy waiting room!  You could visibly see the dirt and smell it.

On the way to Savannas we decided to just drop the rig, slides out, air running and then head out for a bite to eat.  That didn't happen.  Once we got here I was so hungry I just made Jim a peanut butter sandwich and I heated up some soup for me.  After Jim got most everything done he had a beer and then took a nap.

I got about 90% of my set up done and then just quit.  It was late afternoon and I was pooped.  When Jim got up we grabbed Boo and took a walk around this peaceful, serene campground.

I think this is a Pied billed Grebe, correct me if I'm wrong

This is our view out the back.  If I had a motor home I'd pull in to see this out the windshield.  The sun comes up just over the horizon

to the right, looking roughly south

to the left, roughly looking north

I think these are Mottled Ducks, correct me if I'm wrong

Family of white ibis, young and old!

After our walk we decided to go out to dinner.  Driving out we saw Sandhill Cranes, but no pictures, maybe next time.  We drove south on highway 1 and found a shopping center with several choices of eateries and picked Italian.  We ordered a huge pizza and a couple of beers...even splurged and shared a tira misu for dessert.  We brought half of the pizza home.

We were in bed by 2130 and I slept until after seven.  Jim got up about an hour later.  After a slow morning we got busy, me inside with laundry and Jim outside getting the satellite dish up for TV viewing.  

For lunch we polished off that pizza and enjoyed a cold beer while sitting outside enjoying the view and the grackles.  

We decided to buy an outdoor mat.  This site has a gravel pad but recent rains have made a mess of the surrounding grass and past mats leaving a lot of dirt being tracked inside..So after lunch we headed out for some shopping.

Picked up the mat at Walmart, then we popped into Tractor Supply and left empty handed.  Next stop was Home Depot where Jim got some clamps, then we headed home, making one stop at Publix for a bag of goodies.

Once home Jim got the 9 x 12 mat laid out and I'm a happy camper!

Last Wednesday Boo got his teeth cleaned and they also removed 4 of his itty, bitty teeth.  He's been eating wet food and taking an antibiotic.  He's doing fine.  Tonight he got his normal ration of dry and wet food and I think he wants to go for a walk so I better close this for now.

All is right in our world!