Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Are You Reading?

How do you get your daily news from around the country?  Do you stay current on World Events?  

I usually start my day reading on my tablet.  I scan the headlines and pick and choose which articles to read.  I find more information than watching the nightly news.  Besides, Jim and I don't like the same networks for news!

I also read blogs with my morning coffee.  I keep up with our friends and those crafty blogs I like to read.  I have a few 'odd' blogs too, like sustainability, farming, off the grid type blogs...and tiny homes too.

Do you follow blogs that involve a lifestyle other than your own?

I read magazines too. If you check the Library tab at the top of the page you can see what books and magazines I've recently read.  As I finish a book or magazine I record it.  I'm still reading the Outlander books, An Echo in the Bones which is number seven in the series of eight books.  This one covers their lives in America at the start of the American Revolution.

I'm always reading cookbooks just because I love them.  Most of them are digital as we couldn't possibly carry the weight of them!  I do have a few handheld cookbooks that get frequent perusal.

Did you know that if you click on an ad I make money?  Apparently no much because in all the years I've been blogging I've not been paid one cent!  You have to reach a certain threshold for them to send you a check....alas I'm still accumulating funds.

Yesterday we headed out to get out of the house.  First stop was the mall and I got a haircut.  While I was in the chair Jim walked the mall getting in some exercise.

Afterwords we went to Harvest Table in Stuart for lunch.  I had gazpacho and fried green tomatoes while Jim opted for a French dip sandwich.  We both had a draft beer.

Next stop was Barnes and Nobles, another great place to while away time by reading.  Jim likes to read magazines and I usually do to but this time I picked up Not my Father's Son by Alan Cumming.  I didn't buy it but I would like to finish reading it.  Apparently his father was abusive but Alan has overcome it!

Then we headed to Home Depot because I wanted to see if they had I mushroom kit.  Someone had posted on Facebook and I thought it would be fun to grow my own. We both like mushrooms.  They didn't, but I found it on Amazon (you can find everything there!).  Seems simple enough, check it out here.  If you try it, let me know!

Well it's sheet day and I hear the dryer calling me

All is right in our world