Sunday, March 20, 2016

I know, I know

You've all been restlessly holding your breath waiting for me to post!  Well here I am  :-)

We've been doing what most folks do daily.  Laundry, dishes etc for me.  Jim has been working outside most every day (which I'm pleased about) tinkering with this, fixing that and cleaning the rig and organizing the storage bins.

We've extended our stay here at PSL until the end of the month and then we'll move to Savanna Recreation Area for two weeks.  It's a bit "wilder" than here with gators and birds wandering about

On the 31st, the day of our move we have to be up and about early so we can take the rig for some repairs and knowing we are full timers they promised to get it done asap.

Yesterday we finally got some rain!  The grass around here was crunchy so it was needed.  We've also noted the water level was falling in the pond.

We have tried to walk every day.  The lack of traffic here in the campground allows an easy walk around the loop, as I call it, once around is about half a mile.  Sometimes we walk all around the pond and it's interesting seeing the birds.  Sometimes we walk together, sometimes not.  It's getting much to hot for me to walk in the mornings and I usually head out after 1800.

Do you have a Fitbit?  I'm finding it helps when I'm in a challenge.  I may not win but it inspires me to 'git er done'

All is right in our world