Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Saying Goodbye

We've enjoyed being neighbors with our daughter and her husband.  Saying goodbye will be very difficult.

Throughout the years we've visited her and she has come 'home' for visits.  But it's not the same as living next door.  Seeing them most every day and interacting with them has made us 'family'.  Yes, we were family before but from a distance.

I left home when I joined the Navy and only returned for visits.  Jim did the same.  When you visit family, everyone is on their best behavior....the love is there but you don't share the day to day life with them.

When you see someone you love on a daily basis you get to see the good, bad and the ugly.  I tried not to pop in at odd times and after awhile a routine was adopted.  But I still managed to pop in and surprise them!  Lucky for all concerned that it wasn't embarrassing!!!  I've gotten used to seeing Sonsearae daily before she goes to work.  Chris on the other hand was mostly at work and seeing him was hit or miss except on weekends.

We did share some meals on Sundays and of course we ate out as families do.  And football!  We're all Saints fans  but we tried not to dominate their alone time.  Both worked odd schedules and as a couple they needed alone time.  As did Jim and I.

Sonsearae and I are like minded with our food choices. The guys are coming around but they're still works in progress.  I think Chris and Jim understand the health benefits but still love their fatty foods and meat and all the comfort foods they've learned to love.  Even I have my moments with foods that I've eaten all my life.

We're looking forward to getting back to our traveling lifestyle.  And I'm pretty sure Sonsearae and Chris are looking forward to the next chapter in their lives in Tallahassee.

But saying goodbye will be difficult......