Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On the road again...

On Monday we were up early.  Jim set the alarm for 0630 and I was up ten minutes earlier.  Pretty normal for me.  We both had coffee and I had a piece of blueberry loaf, Jim skipped breakfast.  We had packed up as much as we could the night before so it didn't take long to get the rest done and soon we were on our way.

I think we arrived around 0830 and for the next three hours we that filthy room once again.  And they couldn't finish the work.  Now Jim has told me two or three times but I don't know what has been has something to do with bolts, rust and zerks...Jim told them we had to leave and they gave him a box of goodies so the work could be done at a later time.

We were so hungry when we left that we went to a Flying J and got a Subway sandwich and practically inhaled it!  We drove less than 150 miles to Harris Village in Ormond Beach, Florida.  For what it is, it's very expensive and we only stayed two nights.  For those of you who have been to Betty's in Louisiana, we were reminded of that park.  Small and tightly packed.  I will say it was clean, paved and quiet....except when the trains came by.  But we rarely saw our neighbors, I think several of them worked.

After we got set up and had a beer we decided to go to the beach and have dinner.  Well the beach in Ormond is full of hotels and we didn't want to spend that much for dinner!..  We found a joint that had a lot of cars our front and had dinner there.  I'm afraid our choice of foods wasn't all that healthy but it sure tasted good washed down with yet another beer.

Jim was in bed before 2130 while I stayed up to watch Dancing with the Stars.  We both slept well

Tuesday we decided to play tourist.  Our first stop was Tomoka State Park.  Very pretty park with campground.  We drove around and enjoyed the views and exhibits

The campground has secluded sites but most of them are very tight and our big rig cannot navigate the winding roads or slip into the smaller spaces.  We did see one 5th wheel but most were smaller rigs.

After we left the park we took Old Dixie Highway and boy was it scenic!  Canopied roads, driving over marsh and open vistas was a treat.  When we got to the northern point and hit the ocean Jim turned north and we had lunch in Flagler Beach at Finn's Beachside Pub.  This is a favorite of ours.  When we were in Welaka a few years back we often headed to this funky city on the water.  There aren't any high rises here and the views are enjoyed by everyone not just the lucky few.

We sat topside under an umbrella and enjoyed the view and fresh air.

Before heading home we stopped for some groceries and fuel.  We paid $1.92 for diesel at Murphy using a Walmart gift card to get the discount.

All is right in our world