Friday, July 17, 2015

More and More

Lately I've been thinking of finding a place to land....I think our traveling days are over.  Perhaps travel between two places?  Pick an area to explore during a season?

I don't know, what do you think?  Jim and I have talked a little about this but no decision has been made.  This past year we've had some medical issues.  I know, folks travel around the country all the time with worse conditions than we have.

We both like this area of Florida and we're here during summer which is doable for me.  I'd rather be in the mountains but I don't think we'll do that anymore.  The truck is 15 years old and our rig is quite heavy.

To refresh your memory, here are the pine cones all closed up.  We had a couple showers which kept them

pretty much closed up but after two days

they began to open up.

And here they are!

Jim had a procedure done on Wednesday and he's doing well.  He's almost on bed rest due to the nature of said procedure.  I think he's tired of being a couch potato but this will pass and hopefully he'll no longer be in constant pain.

It's just after 3:30 and the temperature is 89. Of course we do have some humidity here so the heat index takes it up to 95.  Generally it rains somewhere in the area but we haven't seen rain for a couple days here.  Yesterday Sonsearae and I were out shopping and had a thunderstorm mess up our plans.  But it's only water.

All is right in our world