Friday, July 31, 2015

End of July

As you may recall we (I) declared this month to be a no spending month.  That has worked out well!  I goofed and bought a book for $1.09 that I thought was free.  Even accused Jim of doing it!   Oh well, the point is we only spent money on groceries, phone, TV and fuel.  Of course we dined out a few times but I think even that was cut back from prior months.

Of course Jim's recent procedure had us staying home and that helped with finances too.

We both have a habit of buying magazines, books and games because it's only money....but over a month's time it can add up.  I especially have a bad habit of buying cookbooks.  It's so easy to have them on the tablet!

I must refrain from buying and use what I have....

A couple days ago the owls visited again.  I apologize for these dark pictures but they didn't pose in the daylight for me

They were being harassed by a couple of mockingbirds.  It's fun watching the little birds dive bomb these owls!  But I think they were more concerned about me as I walked around the yard trying to get good pictures

At this point I think the owl on the left was bored

The refrigerator is still not working.  At this point I'm ready to order one from a dealer and let them install it.  We've done without the unit since Easter and I'm tired of living out of two coolers and the generosity of Sonsearae and Chris. I have food in their fridge and freezer. I'm not sure what needs to be done to get it running and I don't care anymore.

Despite the fact that we are in south Florida it's not as hot as I thought it would be.  Yes, some days are intolerable and the humidity can take it's toll.  But we almost always have a breeze here.  It's the rainy season and afternoon storms cool it down somewhat. We don't do much outside in the afternoon but the mornings are lovely with the temperature in the low 70's until the sun heats us up.