Friday, September 9, 2016

On The Road!

Yesterday we left Vermont.  We had a wonderful summer with our friends Anne and Scotty.  From the first welcome dinner back in May

to the last one of salads (potato, broccoli and pasta) and pickles because it was to warm to cook. Most of our meals were outside in the beautiful setting of their property when the weather cooperated.

Thank you Anne and Scotty for being such wonderful hosts and putting up with our peculiar ways (AC and Napping).  We love you and we'll see you in the Valley if not sooner.  It's time for you to get on the road too!

Jim started gathering out items and loaded up the Truck and rig Wednesday.  Yesterday he did the final bits.  Anne and Scotty said goodbye before they left for an appointment in Rutland so we were all alone the next hour or so to pack up and we hit the road around 0930.  I did forget one important bit.....more on that later...

While Jim was doing the hitching up I took a couple pictures showing Autumn starting.  The Sumac is beginning to pretty up

Not sure what that tree is but you know it's time to head south when the trees start turning.  We did see a tree here and there during our day that were gorgeous. 

We took back roads until we reached the Albany New York area where we jumped on the interstate and went around Albany.  Just beyond Albany we hopped onto Highway 20 (scenic byway) and took it all the way to our destination of Waterloo Harbor Campground.

The drive was gorgeous!  But we did a lot of climbing and descending the mountains and drove through some small towns and villages which slowed us down a bit.  Of course we stopped for lunch and a couple of pit stops to check our tires and brakes...and we had to pull over and wait out a rain storm that screwed up our visibility

We were only an hour or so from our destination but it was difficult to see the road.  No matter we finally arrived around 1730.  Long day for us!  I think Jim said it was around 230 miles

We got busy setting up and I cooked pot pies for our dinner.  While we were eating the rain started....after a few attempts to set up the dish for TV Jim stopped because the rain was just the icing on the cake for the day.  

Sheesh!  I posted this blog, went for a walk and remembered I didn't include the fiasco!  As I mentioned we stopped a few times and each time we stop we head into the rig.  We can use the toilet, eat lunch or get snacks.  The second time we stopped we discovered a mess on the floor, several items had fallen out of the refrigerator because I forgot to secure the doors with a strap!!!  Red wine and mayonnaise make a sticky mess.  But it was cleaned up by the two of us and we were able to keep Boo from helping.  Soon our lunch break was over and we continued on our journey.  Never a dull moment when you're on the road!

We showered, did some stuff on the Internet and we were in bed shortly after 2100.  We very much needed  the rest

We're here for three nights then onto Erie, Pennsylvania

All is right in our world

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