Saturday, August 20, 2016

We Moved!

But not very far....We were parked right in front of the building here at Scott's acre and needed to move so Jim could change the tires on the backside of the rig.

If you recall, on the way north to Vermont we had two blowouts.  Those tires are newer than the others so they were changed out.  Now today we have to drop off old tires and get one looked at for a leak...Of course I was told the whys and wherefores but I can't recall what the future is for these two tires.  Perhaps one will be kept for a spare.  But honestly why do we need a spare when road service always brings us a new tire?

This morning it was nippy outside with a temperature of 57 when I got up shortly after seven.  I love it!  Makes me think of tea and biscuits, so that's what we had for breakfast.

At the end of July we went to a car show in Fair Haven.  Wasn't huge so we were able to see each car and take time to check out some old vehicles.

I grew up in the Detroit area and I've always admired  cars.  I especially like chrome!  My how the styles have changed

Most of them had their hoods up and I didn't care for that as far as picture taking is involved

Not sure how this tractor qualified but it was cool

As they say in New Orleans, I could make groceries in any of these cars!

Our time here is winding down.  No idea of when we'll leave and we still haven't talked about where we'll stop along the way to the Rio Grande Valley.  We did look at a map the other day with Anne and Scotty.  They showed us the routes they've taken in the past.

All I know for sure is we won't be going to Florida...

All is right in our world