Sunday, December 6, 2015

The sun will come out tomorrow

Saturday was a very wet day!  Bands of showers kept rolling through keeping us indoors all day.  When I got up I dashed out with the trash as it was close to overflowing.  Neither one of us did much walking, barely getting in 1000 steps.  Haven't looked at the forecast but I do see slivers of blue sky!

I did my usual chores of laundry, bed making and dishes.  I think I neglected to say Jim did dishes for me a couple days ago and he emptied the black tank.

I've been having fruit smoothies for breakfast, just because I can.  I usually have leftovers rather than traditional breakfast foods.  Who decided oatmeal, pancakes, bacon and eggs should be consumed in the morning?

For our midday meal I fixed garlic smashed potatoes, shoe peg corn, took some leftover Brussels sprouts and braised them in some butter and garlic and Gardein Turk'y Cutlets and gravy.  Made a big mess in the kitchen but it sure was tasty.  Of course I had to clean it up.

Jim had his nose stuck in a book most of the afternoon. I did some reading and game playing.  By the time I started reading Jim turned on a movie so I went upstairs to read.

Between showers I managed to get to the mailbox.  Our mail from Escapees had been delivered and I wanted it!  As it turned out there wasn't anything for me.

Boo is still under the weather so to speak.  He's fine if I keep him dosed up.  He didn't eat his breakfast yesterday so he scarfed down his dinner.  His hot spot is bigger this morning.

Jim kept finding reruns on TV, eventually stopping on Alaska programming.  An Alaskan vet show and some railroad shows.  All that snow made be grateful for the warm rain we've been having...

I had pea soup for dinner while Jim chose a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

All is right in our soggy world