Monday, December 28, 2015

How was your Christmas?

I sure hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas.  Our day was quiet and we had a lovely dinner out.  

Jim was very generous!  He bought me a Pandora bracelet with two heart clips and a Fleur de Lis bead.  It's quite Lovely!

He checked my Amazon wish list and also bought me a set of mixing bowls,  two CD's, Andrea Bocelli's Sacred Arias and Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits which will sound real good on my new iPod!  Jim is currently uploading our CD's to his computer so he can load them on the new iPod.  

I gave Jim a mustache trimmer so he had a gift to open.  You may recall that he got a new iPad Air not to long ago and that was his Christmas present.

Chris was the duty Warden and spent the day driving to all of his facilities spreading cheer and making sure all was well.  Sonsearae spent a good part of her day cleaning and doing laundry. She also baked some Snickerdoodle cookies at my request.  Jim had been wanting some and I thought this would be a nice present.

Before we went to dinner our two families exchanged gifts.  Our gift to them was food!  A pizza making kit that included the flour and dried spices for pizza.  The other was a kit for soups and bread.  Jim was gifted a knife from his Amazon wish list and I was gifted a Flamingo Charm for my new bracelet.

We went to Spoto's for dinner.  They put on a buffet  that was chock full of delicious goodies.  I believe we all enjoyed our meal!  Since the restaurant is located on the St Lucie River we were able to watch the full moon rise into the night sky.  Clouds kept it covered, off and on, but it was still lovely to see.  

After dinner we walked out onto the pier and I used my phone to take pictures of the moon but alas I didn't think they were good enough to share.  We almost made it back to the car before the rain started.  Drove home through a light, misty rain.  No matter, it didn't spoil our Christmas

On one of our walks along the river we were entertained by this Blue Heron.  He had caught a fish but was struggling with him.  While he waited for it to die he dashed it to the shore and when it moved he whacked it with his beak, then without pausing he snatched it up, head first and swallowed it.

This crab barely held still long enough for me to take a picture!  We see them all along the rocks but when you get close they scuttle into a crevice

This furry little guy needs a haircut!

There has been some scary weather the past few days and I hope you're not in it.  If you are, stay safe!

All is right in our world