Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ring out the old

Another year is about to end.  Sometimes I wonder where the time goes.  It's been a very good year for us.  Jim has recovered from him procedure and regained his strength and mobility (even if he doesn't think so).  We've gotten to know Sonsearae and Chris as a young, married couple.  They both have a strong work ethic but know how to relax and play too.  Living next door to them I've gained a better knowledge of our son in law.  He's a fine man, with a sense of humor and loves our daughter with his whole being.

At times it has been boring/lonely being far away from our lifestyle.  I'm not a very sociable person but I've discovered I miss being near like minded people and folks our own age.  Just the other day we were exploring local campgrounds trying to find a place to winter next year.  We like this area and it would be nice to return.

On Christmas Eve morning we decided to go exploring.  Jim had a destination in mind taking back roads and we found a couple parks in Indiantown.  Big Mound Park was located in a neighborhood and appears to be a family park and it must be wonderful to live that close and use the grounds for family fun. 

Timer Powers Park a bit further down the road turned out to be an Equestrian Park with plenty of space to park trailers along side an arena for events.  It's located on the St Lucie Canal where we saw this catfish

And a couple of boaters creating wakes.  See the boat on the right?  We'll see him again at the locks!

We continued our drive and ended up at the 

Have you ever watched a lock in action?  I found it fascinating and took a gazillion pictures but only a few are included here

It didn't take long to fill this space with water

Before long the Wanderer was floating through the gates

And look who came in from the opposite direction

The Far Niente is the same boat we saw earlier on the canal

We didn't stay to watch his departure.  It was quite sunny and we figured we'd gotten our Vitamin D for the day

We had been here before so didn't explore the visitor center or campground.  We both have expressed a desire to stay here. Of course the campground has a 14 day restriction.  But it would be fun to watch the river traffic

We've noticed an increase in traffic as we drive about.  A lot of out of state license plates.  So I guess the Snowbird season is upon us and I expect it will get worse once all the after Christmas snowbirds arrive.  We've also seen more birds as the weather turns colder up north.

Speaking of weather, it sure has been troublesome for some folks.  I hope you're not one of them.

We wish you beautiful moments, treasured memories and all the blessings a heart can know

Happy New Year