Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How's your Health?

This time of year will find us all tempted with the goodies our friends and family will ply us with.  I have to remind myself that just because it's there, it doesn't mean I have to eat it.  But oh how tasty some of these treats are!

Sonsearae brought over two cupcakes last night.  She was sharing the goodies she receives at the post office.  I indulged and had a cupcake.  Within three bites I had a sugar headache....but did I stop?   Nooooo, I finished the whole thing.  Not sure if there is a correlation but this morning my blood pressure was 157/92.   <<<

I've also indulged in salty foods and a box of chocolate covered cherries this past week.  I should know better!

Yesterday was a stay at home chore day.  Besides my usual chores I ironed some clothes that we'll wear Christmas day.  

Jim and I walked to the mailbox to mail a couple cards then extended our walk for a bit because it was so nice outside.  Back at the house Jim headed to the garage and did something that must have tired him out because he took a nap before lunch.

We watched the Saints game until halftime then went to bed.  Judging by the final score they did better during the second half but still lost.  I think the whole organization needs an overhaul.  

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning while I was doing some yoga.  This is my first day doing yoga (again) and I want to continue practicing it every morning.  Along with meditation everyday I probably turn into a hippy!  Won't you join me?  :-)