Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fun Afternoon

Yesterday started out sunny and bright.  We had a leisurely morning that included chores and breakfast.  Around 1100 we departed for the Honda service department.  Sonsearae needed to drop her car off for some diagnostic and repairs.

Our next stop was lunch at Spoto's Oyster Bar in Stuart.  Do you sign up for loyalty cards at restaurants?  I do, mostly for the freebies!  Since my birthday is just a few days off the offers have been rolling in, most give you an appetizer or dessert.  Spoto's gave me a free lunch or dinner option.  This restaurant overlooks the St Lucie River so it's ideal for lunch.  Sonsearae ordered fish and chips, I had shrimp scampi and Jim ordered a hamburger.  I had a delicious bloody Mary while Jim had a beer and Sonsearae drank water.  My scampi was delicious and I brought home some of the pasta.

Three of the employees brought out my slice of birthday cake and sang for me.  Then the waitress took our picture!  My first thought was they have a board somewhere where they'll post it but before we left they presented me with said picture to remember the moment.

It had been our intention to walk the boardwalk but when we went outside it was spitting rain.  So once again we didn't get to walk and we all could have used the exercise to help work off lunch.  Next we dropped Sonsearae off for her hair appointment.  While she was being dolled up Jim and I went to Barnes and Nobles.  He found some magazines to read and I strolled around trying my best to find something to buy.  Happy to say nothing appealed to me.  While inside it rained.  I was reading my book when Sonsearae let me know she was ready to be picked up.

Our next stop was the Humane Society Thrift Store.  We dropped off a large box of goodies then went inside so our pretty red head could play with the kittens.  Again I strolled around this store but didn't find anything I couldn't live without.

After this we headed to Publix to take advantage of a sale and while driving there we encountered our first rain storm.  It was pretty much over when we got to the store.  Jim dropped us off at the door (I think so he could get more steps than us!).  

Shopping done here and the cooler loaded up with the frozen food we headed over to Target.  We wanted to see if they had the vegan ice cream from Amy's.  They did not.  Sonsearae found a couple items and while she was checking out Jim and I stopped in Starbucks and got some beverages to take on our drive home.

On the drive home more rain!  We had to take our purchases in through some sprinkles but none of us melted so all was OK.

Boo was glad to see us, it was past his dinner time and almost dark.  Only a bit after 1700 but with the cloud cover it seemed later.

I finished off my pasta for dinner and Jim had some apple pie.  Spent the evening watching TV

All is right in our world