Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Queen for the day is over

I lounged around yesterday morning until it was time to get dressed for our outing.  While Jim did the dishes I got dressed.  Sonsearae popped over with her coffee and presents!  She and Chris gave me a coffee mug from Starbucks in shiny Christmas green and a beautiful Owl pendant necklace whose belly is turquoise (my birthstone).

Jim went up to shave and dress and started a load of laundry.  He did not make the bed saying since we wouldn't be home we wouldn't see it.

We left around 1100 heading to Hokkaido Hibachi and Sushi restaurant for a lovely meal at the Hibachi table.  Jim had shrimp and scallops, I had shrimp and Sonsearae had the veggie.  Jim and I had Japanese beer while Sonsearae enjoyed hot green tea.  There was some sharing and we also brought some fried rice home.

Taking some back roads we drove to Ft Pierce and the Heathcote Botanical Gardens, 'home of the largest public tropical Bonsai collection in the US'

I must say there were a lot of them!  Quite a few of the same species.  I did not take pictures of all of them and I only include this one of a flowering Bougainvillea

My companions for the afternoon

Flower bed!  I'm sure I'd have sweet dreams if I took a nap here

A frilly Hibiscus

A bromeliad tree!  Must have been 6-7 feet tall.  Quite lovely and I'd have one in my yard, how about you?

We were most fortunate and grateful that it didn't rain while we strolled this small garden.  We also had the place to ourselves. Well worth the time to explore all of the rooms and quite lush with tropical growth.  Since we are all former military it was also free!

We hopped in the truck and headed south on Highway 707 which hugs the west side of the Indian River.  We saw some beautiful homes, some smaller not so beautiful homes and everything in between.  We were headed to Chico's so Sonsearae could return some items.  And so we ladies could shop.  We not been in this shopping area so we spent some time strolling and looking.  Alas we didn't find anything to buy.

During this drive south we drove in and out of rain showers.  This continued on for the rest of our drive.  Our next stop was Panera Bread where I picked up my free pastry (birthday treat) and a couple for my companions.  Since we don't care for their coffee we headed to Starbucks for my free birthday coffee and coffee for Jim and Sonsearae.  We took all of this home to enjoy.

Arriving home around 1700 Boo was glad to see us.  I'm sure he was hungry!

It was a fun afternoon with two of my loved ones...what more could I ask for on my 68th birthday?  I was treated like a queen.

Our evening was a relaxed one as we sat around like stuffed pigs.  Castle reruns and a show about mega builds.  

All is right in our world